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Lighting Design 
Our Costs & How We Work

Connect Intelligence Ltd offers a complete independent architectural lighting design service, from initial concept design to final commissioning, in which creative thinking is balanced with a solid understanding of technical design principles and analysis.

We use a range of advanced modelling techniques to demonstrate lighting ideas to clients and end users.

We can offer a cost effective one room lighting design service or our full design service  for a few rooms or a whole house and garden.

In brief, our services are pretty much tailored to meet the expectations of our client.

For example, a 3 - 4 bedroom home the cost for the lighting consultations and lighting plan for the interior and local exterior lighting are around £950 - £1,500 + VAT⁠

This includes ⁠

• Lighting design plan.⁠

• Product data sheets and images showing appropriate ⁠ light sources and budget costs.⁠

• Lighting control strategy.⁠

• Time for any on-line meetings when necessary are also⁠ included. Additional site meetings if required are ⁠ additional to the cost and pre agreed beforehand. ⁠

Give us a call today for a free ½ hr lighting consultation to see what we can do for your project. ⁠

01865 426746⁠

We work in various stages from outline concept designs, through to project management and commissioning.


We work alongside all relevant site parties including the client, project managers, builders, electricians, architects etc.
Our initial approach is to meet the client and have an understanding of their requirements, we then discuss each stage of service available to them.

Upon receipt of architects CAD drawings and using the latest lighting design software, we are able to provide 3D visualisations, and supporting documents to help convey our ideas to the client and
any member of the construction team.


Initial Consultation

This is usually the first meeting with the designer or client. The client has drawings and a sense of the design direction. A scope of work is defined, and preliminary design directions are considered. After the initial meeting we will draw up a proposal for  design services for the client's approval.


After the proposal has been approved, we begin by examining the space. We outline the expectations of the space and the people who will use it. Psychological factors are considered, such as the relationship to the adjacent spaces, the interior finishes, daylight, and glare concerns. We consider the tasks that will take place in the space, i.e. reading, etc. This has nothing to do with lighting fixtures and placement, only how we expect to visually see the space. Any dimming system to achieve the overall concept is introduced. This information is conveyed to the client through meetings, telephone conversations.

Design Development

After the client has accepted the schematic design we develop the program in the form of lighting fixtures, in their type, arrangement, intensity, distribution, color, etc. If there are any custom lighting fixtures to be developed, they happen in this phase. A preliminary lighting fixture schedule is generated. Calculations for light sensitive environments are run. This information is presented to the client for approval.


We believe in reviewing actual lighting fixtures and lighting situations. Only with actual conditions (and past experiences) do we fully understand what the light will achieve.

Preliminary Budget

We can provide a cost estimate to the client that takes into account the cost of the fixture plus the standard mark-ups of the distributor and contractor. However, we will never provide a firm price as the cost of fixtures may be based on past use of similar fixtures, or the individual mark-ups of distributors and contractors may be different from what we might expect.

Photometric calculations

As mentioned in Design Development, calculations are run for areas that require confirmation of light levels. This is not a design tool. We do not use calculations to design how much light and where it will and. We use calculations to confirm to the client that they will be enough light for particular tasks, such as driving for exterior roadways, or drafting for interior offices.

Site visits

At the client's request we will visit the site to discuss the lighting with the client, engineer, contractor, and electrician. Often with renovations there are obstructions above the ceiling that are discovered only when the contractor attempts to install equipment. A site visit is a quick method to clarify any issues that may develop during the course of construction.

Final Review

After the construction is completed we will review the installation, focus the accent lighting, provide a punch list of less-than-perfect results, assist in programming the dimming system, and provide a list of the light bulbs on the project so that the client can achieve the same lighting for years to come.

The practice carries professional indemnity insuranceLighting



At Connect Intelligence our expertise spans specialist creative architectural lighting design for  Airports | Bridges | Churches | Culture, media & public buildings | Education | Heritage | Home Cinema Lighting Design | Hotels | Light industrial | Night Clubs & bars | Medical & scientific | Mixed use Offices | Master planning & regeneration | Rail | Residential | Restaurants | Retail | Roads & highways | Self build & Renovation | Sport & leisure | Swimming Pool Lighting Design | Tall buildings | Transport buildings | Waterfront development | Boats & yacht lighting.
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